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For Our United Republic is a registered LLC in Virginia that will become a certified B-Corporation. The reason why FOUR is aiming to be a certified B Corporations is that such companies are a new kind of business that work toward making as much profit as possible but balance the profits in positive ways. A highly ranked B-Corporation will provide excellent pay and benefits to employees; the company will expand research and development, which will hopefully increase the number of job opportunities and dedicate sizable portions of their profits to the communities.

Unfortunately, in today's society, we have taken the capitalist system and turned into an immoral and crony system. The bottom-dollar and the stock price are the only things that matter and ignore everything else. However, we here at FOUR believe it is not too late to change the direction this system has been traveling, and we can right the ship to head to a destination that benefits all people.

The mission of FOUR is to show millions of people that have already lost faith in the capitalist system or on the brink of losing faith, that not only corporations can do better, but with the help of the people, we can all do better. We vow at FOUR that we are a business built by the people for the people, and we will accomplish incredible feats by engaging with the people, being transparent, and having a moral compass.

The first step for any business that wants to take this path and send out a call to action like FOUR is that the company must establish mutual trust with the people.

1.) Trust: As viewers and shoppers at the FOUR website will see, we currently have apparel for sell and some of these items we are taking a large percentage of the profit and donating to non-profits that are doing great things for countless people. For Our United Republic will establish this trust because we are a transparent company, and this means we will show the evidence of the donations that will be provided on our website.

The second step is to show the people we are a transparent company and do not hide anything from them. Through transparency, the level of mutual trust will increase dramatically.

2.) Transparency: Continuing from the need for trust, FOUR guarantees transparency that will most likely shock people and, most importantly, other businesses. We believe the shock to the people will be a positive shock because they have never seen something like this before; however, companies' shock is much-needed because hopefully, customers will use FOUR as an example and demand the same transparency.

Our company will provide this shock to our capitalist nervous system by being completely open to our viewers and customers. For example, our first principal mission is the student loan debt issue. With our app being developed that will help pay loans off, we anticipate significant profits from this app. Once the app is released to the public and gains are acquired, we will provide quarterly statements on our website, showing that 95% or more of the profits will pay off student loans. The remaining profits will be used to provide excellent pay and benefits to employees, help improve our communities, and begin work on the other two critical missions we have listed. Again, all of this will be backed up by our quarterly financial statements.

The third step for a B-corporation is having a cause to fight for and doing everything it can to achieve victory.

3.) Our cause is to create a grand unification of the people in our nation and in the world, where we all can benefit from a just capitalist system and make positive changes in the world. We, the people of the United States, honestly have more in common with one another than we have in differences. Most of us have or still experience the same hardships, and the way the system is running now, it will only worsen.

We here at FOUR aim to unite the people to support a drastic change to our capitalist system, to make it fairer and more opportunistic for everyone. We genuinely believe that with a unified front, we can change the mindest of so many businesses from worrying only about the bottom dollar and share prices and instead keep the same mentality of as much profit as possible but share it in remarkable ways. This train of thought is because what the crony system doesn't realize is when more and more people are doing better, the more they can afford to purchase, save, or invest. This means the company will perform better, have higher profits, and by going with a moral capitalist system, everyone can benefit. It's genuinely a chain of events that will increase and improve with every cycle.

Some will say this is a farfetched idea, a wild dream, but it is not. The capitalist system has lifted millions of people from poverty. Per a Pew Research article, the claim is supported, but it is not perfect. It shows that most of the 700 million in this particular time frame were indeed lifted out of poverty, but barely, and that the idea of obtaining middle-class status is more of a promise than reality. Imagine if the people, especially in this nation, demanded better, and through a handful of businesses, they launched a movement for moral capitalism. The results from such a move could create changes that were once thought unattainable, and not only could millions, possibly even billions of people be lifted out of poverty around the world, but it won't be a "Barely" level.

All we ask is you spread the word about FOUR, that you keep an eye on us for new updates, support our call to action, and if you like our designs, make some purchases of the apparel. One last request, check out the B-Corporation site and support those highly ranked businesses because it will be companies like FOUR and those listed there, that will help make the world a better place.

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