Who Founded FOUR and Why?

Hello everyone!

My name is Thomas Henderson, and I am the owner and president of For Our United Republic. Through friends, family, and strangers who have seen my company so far, I have been advised to give more information and details about all we do here at FOUR.

My company, For Our United Republic, has a good idea and significant goals to work toward, but nothing personal and connecting to all that will read the blog and visit the company's website, and for that, I apologize. At times like myself, individuals start to carve a path with a business idea they wholeheartedly believe in. We get carried away and forget that people want to feel connected to you and the business and want to know who you are and who the company is.

Allow me to reintroduce myself! I am Thomas Henderson; I was born in Houston, Texas, and lived in San Antonio till I was about 13 years old. My father worked in the government, and we moved to the beautiful island of Guam, where I attended middle school. I started getting my real first taste of the international world and different cultures outside of my Mexican heritage and Texan heritage. I was introduced to Asian cultures deep in history, honor, discipline, and all other kinds of unique attributes. But most importantly, I fell in love with the Chamorro culture and made many friends from the island. It was here that I also got to experience a vast amount of diversity due to being in a DODEA middle school.

From Guam, my family and I moved to Frankfurt, Germany. I would attend school at the International School of Frankfurt for a year and move to a DODEA High School later. While living in Europe, I was able to submerge myself into countless different cultures and countries that operated differently from my home country of the United States.

When I returned to the United States, I found myself in Virginia and have made it home ever since. Through my early 20s, I found myself lost and in dire need to find myself and what my purpose was. Fast forward, and just a little less than ten years ago, I started seeing my purpose. I will admit, it had to everything to do with my wife. She has been a beacon of light in my life and has helped me opened my eyes, mind, heart, and soul to all kinds of things.

Since this walk about a few years ago, I have completely changed who I am, and it feels great. Now I indeed found my purpose, and I believe it is a shared purpose that most of humankind and especially Americans as a whole have. This purpose is to want the best for everyone, not be a fanatic of any ideal agenda of the political sides, but to be in the middle. The middle is the correct path for all of us, in my opinion. As long as we can be in the middle, we can pull benefits, ideas, and policies from both spectrums that can be combined for the greater good.

Before I created FOUR, I looked at what things in society are plaguing me, and I saw that I share the same with millions and millions of my fellow Americans and people around the world. I have dealt with student loans that, for years, kept me living paycheck to paycheck, yet I have been fortunate enough to work my way up and be able to balance these. Yet, after marrying my wife, we needed a home to call our own. So there I was, back to step one. So here I am with student loans still, now a house note to help pay every month. Yet I continue to push on, and after a few years, I was able to work my way up again, and once again, life is a little better.

Through my government contract jobs, especially being a software analyst for financial software for specific agencies, and now working for a company that develops software for higher education, I have seen first hand the amount of money wasted by the government. Money that should be used to better our society and the world. With my current employer, I can see higher education ever-increasing costs that we all know about, but see more details about this Ponzi scheme.

My desire to create my company took about a year. I was focusing on the division in our nation increasing every day. People were fortifying their positions, especially political sides, and none of the parties or leaders doing nothing to heal our nation or find solutions to our nation's issues. All I was hearing was feel-good lip service by our local, state, and federal government leaders, but absolutely no substance was added, as in no policies or new laws. However, listening to both sides seems like we have a lot more in common than differences, yet neither side wants to listen to the other side.

The exciting thing I kept seeing that encouraged me to create such a company like FOUR was, believe it or not, Go Fund Me. I ask you to take a look for yourself. You will see all kinds of pages asking for help, and if you look at the donations and the people giving them, you see individuals from all walks of life. Honestly, look at all these different people; they are of different races, numerous religions, different ethnic backgrounds, different financial statuses. Seeing all kinds of different people, able to donate to other people's causes in an hour of need, and knowing they can see other donors, and that some of these people may be people they despise or want nothing to do with, in everyday life.

I found this very interesting because if I look at everyday life, look at the media, and talk to individuals out in the real world, we could be excused to believe no one would work with others; they do not like to help others, they do not even know. The question is, why would they join in on a good cause together? I believe it is the inherent quality to want to do good at all costs, showing common ground. This common ground is online, at a distance, because in real life, it would be difficult to find these kinds of people socializing in public with one another, to work together for a greater good and the common good.

With all of this unity being seen in pretty much the shadows, I felt strongly that this unity should come to light. I see our nation has many issues that cause enormous amounts of hardship on millions of our people, and it's a safe bet to say we all have a connection to these issues. So I created FOUR to bring all of us together, shed light on our shared relationships, and show that we can take care of each other while our so-called leadership from all levels and sides continue to bicker like little children.

There will those that will look at this and feel like what I want us to all work towards to is a dream, a fantasy, and is impossible. I believe these individuals are experiencing the exact issues or more, which FOUR is working to resolve, but these problems have impacted them for so long that all faith in society has is lost. To these individuals and even those that see potential, I ask that you take a chance in supporting a company that shares your beliefs. A company that, just like you, wants to make things better in our country, work toward resolving significant issues in our nation, and bring people together by showing them we are more similar than different. Yet, FOUR is also encouraging everyone to search out B-Corporations so that they are supported by the very people that will hopefully support FOUR. By supporting these types of companies, we can make drastic changes in the capitalist system, restore the faith in this system, and ensure it benefits everyone.

In my post tomorrow, I'll provide details about FOUR that will hopefully answer questions you, the visitors, and followers may have on how FOUR plans on accomplishing our goals. I'll give answers to the student loan payoff, affordable housing possibilities, and increase small businesses' growth.

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