Shooting Ourselves in the Foot: Power Part 2

Continuing with how our federal and local governments have failed that American people and we need to take our fate and future into our own hands, we can look at how the government is responding to this current situation. The American federal government has implement bailout agendas and looking to increase them even more. Currently, the United States government is looking at a $1 trillion stimulus package to prevent the U.S. economy from imploding any further. Yes, you read that correctly, $1,000,000,000,000 dollars!

Here's the problem with this, half of it goes to send checks to individuals and another half to aid struggling businesses, yet this does nothing in the long term to fix the issues we have been experiencing and have now become even more significant due to the situation with COVID-19. In part 1, it was brought up that we do not have the internal manufacturing capability to mass-produce much-needed items to prevent the spread of this illness and keep people safe. So with that logic, if sending money to individuals and businesses that are struggling, they will continue to fight because we can't keep people safe and from spreading the virus.

Another point of how we shoot ourselves in the foot, we have media not looking into the bigger picture like always, and they are a significant influence on how we the people see issues and what we can do to resolve them. For example, Michael Grunwald that wrote the article in the link above goes on to provide what $1 trillion could accomplish but doesn't look at the bigger picture. He states this amount could fund the EPA for 120 years, support the Securities and Exchange Commission for 550 years, or build 20 southern border walls, or even purchase every American adult a new iPhone 11 Pro. A significant portion of this stimulus package would go to U.S. Airline companies because they are hurting. However, I don't see this as a good plan. We have seen and experienced how these companies treat their customers when they get guaranteed business because of the Fly America act. They make the seats smaller, they nickel and dime you for everything, and yet their CEOs and executive leadership make off like bandits pocketing a ton of cash. We know how current top companies act, and they only care about the major shareholders, making as much profit as possible and making sure the executive leadership is paid handsomely for this.

If we are going to bail out companies and the airlines, we have to put teeth on this bailout. As Jim Cramer said in this article, we cannot have the business fat cats profiting off of the workers and the potential bailouts coming. Mark Cuban a billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks said, these companies should never be able to buyback stocks again to make even more profit. The reasoning behind this is because we have seen time and time yet in recent years, that bailed out companies worry about profits and take the aid to buy back their stocks. Look at the tax cuts under the Trump administration. Companies were supposed to invest in their workers, the community, and research and development. Some companies did this, but a lot still maintained their greed and bought back stocks to increase their profits, and the executive leadership of these companies are rewarded with pay raises and bonuses. However, again, instead of checks to individuals and companies. Why not look at putting that $1 trillion into something else that would significantly impact our nation not just now or in the near future, but for many years to come?

However, take a step back and again look at the student loan debt and its total of $1.6 trillion. Now, look at taking that $1 trillion and paying off more than half of the total student loan debt for this nation. So now imagine what this could accomplish! At the average rate of student loan debt, the 44 million in this struggle owe about $37,000 each, and with $1 trillion paid off, that means 27 million are now free of this debt. Out of the 27 million, you could make an educated guess and say there are hundreds if not thousands that would immediately look at the situation and want to help. These individuals would create their own companies to start making masks, gloves, and other needed items, our country, and fellow Americans need at this moment! Some will wonder how paying off this amount of debt would accomplish this, and again it's all about the bigger picture!

With their debt now cleared, those that are still able to work and have a decent income and even not, the Federal Reserve lowered the rates to zero. This means they can go to banks and sign up for business loans. The federal government could quickly put into place more relaxed conditions for business loans. Especially if they are going to start with businesses that will help meet our needs to fight off this virus and be part of the new manufacturing infrastructure that we direly need again in our country! It won't happen overnight the manufacturing of required items, but with being free from student loan debt, and being able to obtain a business loan at lower interest rates, it would come to our rescue sooner rather than later.

For the ones that wouldn't be able to start up a business to aid in our fight against this virus and future illnesses in the future, they can help thy neighbors. Ones that didn't have their loans paid off, ones that are currently unemployed. They can help buy needed groceries for them or unite and pay their rent to keep a roof over their head. There are so many things that each individual and a group of individuals can accomplish for their fellow Americans by riding them of their Student loan debt.

Going back to creating the businesses we need now more than ever, even if they aren't ones that are freed from student loan debt, these are the ones the federal government needs to focus on encouraging! Not just some all-around, general bailout of businesses, because that usually doesn't end well and we the average American are left with bill and nothing to show for it, except for the increased profits and enlarged bank accounts of executive leaderships and their significant shareholders! So another possible bailout idea is that instead of all $1 trillion going to pay off student loan debt, we pull out $600 billion for the loans, and the other $400 billion goes to aiding new and already existing businesses to meet the needs of the American people. For example, if there is already a company this is manufacturing masks but is overwhelmed or not able to obtain the materials needed, the $400 billion comes into play. It provides a stimulus to get the required materials to them. If some of the new companies created were freed from student loans and were able to get business loans. They start helping create the items we need. These new companies can be partnered up with the existing one and, with assistance from the $400 billion, begin increasing the production of the masks as a united business front.

There is so much more we could do with the $1 trillion that can ensure a better future for all of us and this country, instead of taking a risk on known greedy corporations that could get a bailout and all they'll do is make themselves wealthier off of our backs. In the end it is up to the American people make their voices heard and tell the government what to do with their money if there is going to be a $1 trillion bailout. Don’t let this opportunity slip from our grasp!

I have high doubts that the government would listen to this message, and if millions of Americans agree and make their voices heard that one of these options should be taken. This is why we cannot stress enough that it is up to us, the average people in this nation should unite and forge our future together. We should help pay off the student loans for our fellow Americans while they are paying their loans off. We should not only encourage new businesses to fill the void or manufacturing we are sorely missing but support them by giving them our business, by being Angel Investors as well. If we don't put aside our differences soon, we'll have to continue depending on our governments to be ill-equipped and ill-prepared to handle situations that affect all of us. In contrast, they continue to remain in power, making money and being in bed with the greedy corporations and people that pull their strings.

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