Shooting Ourselves in the Foot – Ignorance

With the coronavirus situation getting more dangerous each day, we are now seeing an increase in absolute ignorance and stupidity amount our fellow Americans and people around the world. I believe these people that are acting out and feel like they are rebelling against improper restrictions placed upon them by authorities and governments are acting like fools. The biggest issue I am seeing is that the ones rebelling are from my Millennial generation. Them you are seeing things on social media like describing COVID-19 as the "Boomer Doomer” or having “Corona Parties” and even worse, when they are out and about and see older people they are coughing on them and threatening to spit on them. These kinds of actions are not only ignorant, stupid, and way out of line, but go against everything For Our United Republic wants to get through to our fellow Americans and fellow humans. It also goes against just being a decent human being, and we say karma is not something you want to mess test!

If any readers of this blog are doing these insane actions, please take a step back, take a moment to think of everything but yourself. Think about how your ignorant actions could impact others. What if, by your immature and childish behavior, you accidentally contract the coronavirus, thinking it won't affect you all that much. Still, you end up passing it on to a friend that may have a weakened immune system? The weak immune system may be due to having just fought a cold and now even at a younger age have a higher chance of experiencing worse effects with coronavirus up to and including possible death. What if you think you're being cool as a rebel but realize that you could impact your parents or grandparents that are most likely "Baby Boomers" or just older fitting into the more lethal and devastating age range that the virus hits. It's simple, stay away from them while being a rebel. Yet someone else that is doing the same actions you are, ends up somehow getting in contact with your family members and infects them? What if your family member or members get infected and God forbid pass away due to the virus? Could you honestly live with yourself? If you can, then you should self-quarantine at the bottom of a lake, preferably with a concrete block around your feet, because you lack a heart and soul. If you couldn't bear to see something like that happen to a friend or family member, you should be the voice of reason among your rebel friends and plead with them to be more responsible and mature. You should ask them to try and help the situation, to help contain the virus by staying at home more and only going out when necessary.

Many people are saying the same thing about these individuals that are acting out like this. They and wondering why wondering what is making them think and feel this way? In my opinion, it is the media we have that is to hold most of the blame. Honestly, take a look at how the media has been reporting this pandemic and ask yourself is it legit news or clickbait type of news. To be honest, it has been a mixed bag, and due to this, it is aiding in having these immature people to feel comfortable with acting out like they are. Look back at the first headlines and especially when it first broke out and after the first cases in the United States. You will see reports and articles talking about the virus and stating the devastating effects it will have. They reported on the first victims of the illness were experienced in our country, again the same fear-inducing reports and articles overwhelming the news.

What we saw next was people taking it seriously, people keeping their distance or social distancing. We saw people quarantining themselves to be cautious and respectful of others. These were positive and significant actions to take. However, few articles were posting the hard truths and statistics of the virus. Such information like it has barely had any impact on children, younger people, and middle-aged people. The most at risk are people with pre-existing health conditions that have impacted their immune systems and respiratory issues. If they have those ailments and are older, they have the most risk of succumbing to the virus. So these few reports and articles stating these facts were seen by these so-called rebels and felt the extreme measures being taken by authorities like shutting down businesses, canceling social events, and lockdowns in an attempt to contain the virus. As more information has been coming out and acknowledging the ones that have the most risk, it started wearing on them. They started seeing it affecting them more and more, like being let go of their jobs because of the hit on the economy. They were being furloughed, or being put on every other week shifts (while not being paid for the week they are not working), and having to let go of their social life.

The impacts experienced are no excuse to act like they are, but they feel like they are being hit the hardest by a virus that has little chance of crippling them, and now they don't care. The unfortunate part is that it brings a divide with society. What is the old saying, "What goes around, comes around?" If my generation is making the headlines because of stupidity and being reckless, how can we, when this crisis over and no longer a threat, ask the older generations to take us seriously and help us with our issues? I would not blame them for laughing and saying karma is a bit@#.

If you are reading this and you are one of these so-called coronavirus rebels I am pleading and begging, that you start thinking about others and not just yourself and your entertainment. Think of the long term repercussions your actions could have on our generation and future generations. Think of how we, as a society, can accomplish so much more as a unified front, including taking on this virus and making a quick end to it. Think of how to show you are being responsible and taking other's well being into account. Think about how that will assist in convincing them to aid in our causes, our issues like student loan debt, housing costs, business startups, climate change, and so many other problems. If you're not one of these reckless individuals, but you know one or some, do your best to talk to them, influence them into being better human beings, tell them the quicker we act responsibly, the faster this crisis will end. Remember the "scratch my back, and I'll scratch your back" is human nature. If older generations see an increasing number of these coronavirus rebels and irresponsible actions by Millennials and younger generations, it will come back to bite us in the gluteus maximus!

Be safe! Be clean! Be healthy! Be responsible! Be a good human being!

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