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Millennials Must Learn From Past Generations: Part 3

So far the lessons that we can learn from prior generations have been positive, but this generation that is going to be discussed will be lessons we need to learn so we don’t make the same mistakes and set ourselves and the nation on a path of financial enslavement like we are experiencing today.

The people of the Missionary Generation that came about after the Civil War, most historians say 1860-1882 is their time frame. Some may take offense to my attacks on this generation due to they are known for being the first African American college graduates, and fighting for women rights, later being the leaders the Greatest Generation followed to defeat evil in the world and implemented the “New Deal” under Franklin Roosevelt. Yet this generation also thought themselves to be pure and know what is truly best for everyone, so they created decency brigades and got our government to enact Prohibition, and cracked down on immigration while organizing Vice Squads. Yet their worst crimes against our country and the future generations were their acts during the year 1913.

On October 3, 1913 President Woodrow Wilson the spineless and in my opinion one of the worst presidents in our nation’s history signed the Revenue Act of 1913 (Federal Income Tax Act). They made it look like this was better compared to what was currently in practice, the use of tariffs to create revenue for the federal government. The reason was because a real genius Oscar Underwood said tariffs were like an unfair tax on the consumers. So if I understood that, because Americans were paying higher prices on goods due to tariffs and it is like a tax on them already, we might as well tax them literally and take their hard earned income. The way it was spun it earned pretty good approval ratings by the American people but the trickery didn’t stop there and this generation would sign our lives away with their astonishing ignorance and lack of intelligence.

Not even two months later on December 23, 1913, again the spineless wonder Wilson and this awful Missionary Generation signs the Federal Reserve Act. This essentially creates the Federal Reserve our new central bank to control our banking system and economy pretty much. In the end it signed up the current generation and all future generations for a life of servitude to a handful of bankers. We see today, the ever increasing greed from banks and Wall Street and it truly coming to full power decades later with the Friedman Doctrine and companies like McKinsey & Company rode the doctrine’s coattails to destroy our middle class. What was the Missionary Generation thinking? Why didn’t they foresee the corruption and greed with these two bill signings? Why would they feel it was okay to place future generations in unconstitutional servitude to a few people? They were okay with it, because it was all about their current security, what made them feel safer and better at the time for them and them alone. That is the problem with a lot of our prior generations, they never think about the future and what it is going to cost their kids, their grand kids and many others. We as millennials have to break this every other generation chain of greed and self-interest.

What we have to learn from this generation is not to rush into actions based on ideals and/or agendas that may at the time make us feel better or safer for our own personal gain. We are seeing that today, especially in our political movements. We are seeing the number of supporters on the left that want socialism to be brought into our nation. Why do they want socialism? It’s simple, the current status quo no longer works, not just for them but for the majority. They hear the promises made by people like Bernie Sanders, AOC and others about free education, free healthcare, free this and free that. They feel that if these promises could be kept by electing these individuals that their life will so much better. To be honest, it might be better, but only in the short term. Socialism has never had success in any country it was implemented. The latest failure, Venezuela. That country is reach in natural resources, had a booming economy but when socialism took full control, we can now see what happens. A complete collapse of their economy and society. The people that originally wanted this now see the mistake and started protesting, fighting against their decision. Yet the people in power, will not give that up and they now kill their own people. The people of Venezuela felt the same like so many of our generation does today. The businesses are too greedy, crony capitalism only benefits the wealthy, and the politicians are in bed with all this money. So we have to make a change, and they chose a drastic change because of all the false and empty promises by politicians just like Bernie Sanders.

The same goes for a good portion of people on the right. We are seeing a more isolation mentality, more forget everyone else. This type of mentality does not work as well. In today’s world we cannot be isolationists, the world is too connected and intertwined with one another. It’s fighting an uphill battle to go back to the days prior to World War I and/or World War II where majority of people didn’t want to get involved with international affairs, just mind our own business. We are also seeing with this movement from the right, which again it’s all about greed. The want to deregulate everything, including protections for the people against the banks and Wall Street. They was to undue environmental protections to increase natural resource mining so the big boys can make even more money.

We are seeing both sides torn, both sides rushing to extremes and it doesn’t matter what side wins or has control, it will not work out for all of us. So again the lesson to be learned is not to rush toward extreme differences in what we currently have, but unite and meet in the middle. We can look at potential positives from even the extreme stances ones want to take today and in the near future, mold them and ensure we can implement something that works for all of us. We can then see that we don’t need to truly change to somethings drastically different, and all we need to do is update it, and make subtle changes to what we have now to benefit the masses.

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