Millennials Must Learn From Past Generations: Part 2

For part 2, I want to bring up the Civil War Generation, a generation that became so divided and so hateful of one another it led to the bloodiest war this country has ever seen. Some may argue that the people alive during the Civil War were not a generation per se just a population during a certain time period. Yet, I argue that this may be true, because the war was only a few years and the big events leading to and happening after are contained within about 15 years, yet the war brought the people together in ways never seen before.

Our nation trying to keep its balance on the edge of a cliff as best as it could, but it inevitably went over the edge. Most of us know that the war was between the Union and the Confederacy, the north vs the south, anti-slavery vs pro-slavery, pro-federal government vs pro-state government.

The country split into two parts and divided a nation literally right down the middle. You had family members serving on both sides and at times faced off with one another during battle. To be honest, regardless of what side you were on, the governments on both sides were masters at their propaganda. They were able to instill such hate, distaste, and anger within their followers that the pure goal of even the ordinary person fighting was to kill as many on the other side as possible and if not kill, to mutilate them for the rest of their lives. How were our fellow Americans back then so easily swayed to unleash such violence against not just their fellow Americans but their fellow man? Yes countless of them would never have a restful night of sleep after the war, countless would be haunted by the violence, gore and death they witnessed and even perpetrated themselves but looking up letters, journals and confessions from Americans back then, they would not hesitate to do it again. Simply because they despised the other side and its people.

The interesting connection is, today our nation is just as divided if not more compared to the Civil War Generation. We are literally split between Republican vs Democrat, Liberal vs Conservative, and Capitalist vs Socialist and so on. At there have been times recently where things have gotten violent. Antifa protests that turn violent where they attack people that do not agree or support their ideals, we had a racist white supremacist run their car into people at a protest commit murder, a shooter trying to take out senators playing a baseball game, and we have people attacking campaign volunteer stations in multiple states because they just don’t agree with the opposing side. It’s pretty much the exact same attitudes the Civil War Generation had and it’s not getting any better today. Am I saying our division could lead to another Civil War? No I am not. However because how each side’s followers entrench themselves with their ideals and beliefs, not wanting to look at anything from the other side even if it is positive could lead to more disturbances and an increase in violence against one another.

You can almost smell it in the air today to be honest. This year is an election year and the incumbent is disliked and most likely even hated by most on the left, and the left wants nothing more than him not getting elected again. What happens if he does get reelected? Are the people that already tend to unleash violence and aggression toward the right just going to give up and go home? The safe bet would be, they are not and they are only going to increase their attacks. Yet this is just a small percentage of the left, but with such a distaste for the president, it’s not too bold to say that a lot more people that were on the line would join in on the aggression to express dissatisfaction and vent their anger. The same thing can be said for the right as well. What if Trump loses and Biden and gets elected? What if Biden is able to implement a more socialist agenda, ban weapons, increase taxes across the board? The people on the right would feel the same way as the ones on the left that had tiptoed on that line and would most likely join the group that will get violent.

The interesting thing here is that, it’s not our fellow people that failed us, it’s the government and the greed that has failed us. Yet they are able to consolidate our attention and energy and focus it on the other side’s normal average Joe and Jill just like you. The sad part is most of us don’t even realize it and we just toe the line because we have been distracted and fooled into seeing our neighbor as our enemy, instead of the ones that pull the levers and control the nation’s purse strings.

Instead, why not learn a lesson from Abraham Lincoln, a man that came to be president and the nation was literally splitting before his feet. This man, knew that if we were to split, it would be the end of this great nation. Unfortunately his only option was to go to war with the defecting states. He knew the war was going to be ugly because he saw what each sides’ governments influenced the people into thinking and feeling. There was just too much hate and anger that there wasn’t going to be a peaceful way out of the situation even if he wanted peace. The lesson to be learned is, we are not anywhere near a place that we will be going to war with one another, but we are still splitting. We can not only bandage the split but repair it for good, if we just drop the “My Side, or Party” mentality. If we can look to the other side and see similarities and ignore the differences we can actually come to the table and accomplish peace and unity with all. We can look at our governments and our representatives and tell them no more, no more trying to divide us, no more trying to instill hate and anger toward the others and no more trying to keep us distracted. Our focus is now 100% on you and not only are we watching we’ll be cleaning house soon.

We’ll not be capitalist or socialist but will bring in new rules that can benefit all Americans and maintain our ability to create wealth for not only us but our future generations. How about something like CapSocial? We can take the awesome wealth generation abilities of capitalism, implement regulations that protect the people, cleanse ourselves of the extreme greedy crony capitalism beliefs that majority of companies have today and bring in a socially responsible, socially attentive and socially caring capitalist style of economy. Yet we can through sane and responsible regulations improve the healthcare of every American, the lively hoods of every American, increase wages, increase other benefits, ensure rent and prices of homes are affordable, take care of our most needy, lower the costs of tuition and save countless of our fellow American lives.

Our generation the Millennial Generation is supposed to be the most inclusive, accepting and understanding generation we have had, but do we really deserve those labels if we actually don’t do those kind of things? We cannot claim these labels unless we can reach across the table with an olive branch to other generations like Gen X and Baby Boomers.

The next lesson to learn is being heroic and brave! Countless people during the Civil War performed heroic actions that took a ton of courage to do. Actions that put everything of theirs at risk including their lives and the lives of their loved ones. For example Harriett Tubman was the famous conductor of the Underground Railroad, to free slaves and transport them to the north and even to Canada for freedom. She saw her fellow man in dire need of help and risked everything to free them. I’m willing to bet she didn’t care what their names were, what their religious beliefs were, what their ideas on the civil war was or anything that may have been different from her. She just did it and was one of the greatest heroes of the Civil War.

That was just one name I wanted to mention, but how about a whole group of people? People of the Union that didn’t really care about the South leaving the United States, but cared about ending slavery and willing to go to war for it. Willing to write a blank check made payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including their lives! Imagine all this to free people they never met and later the notion of if we are freeing these people, doing what is right then we are going to keep this nation together as one or die trying.

These people stood for what they believed in and were willing to sacrifice everything to ensure freedom for other people, because it was the right thing to do. So with us and today’s issues, can we not fight to keep us unified, to free ourselves from the grasps of an ever growing government that just gets in our way, fight against the crony capitalism and greed that has severely damaged the utopia provided to us by the Greatest Generation and not go with a system of socialism that will truly bring more despair to countless of our fellow Americans? Can we not, take a step back, take a deep breath and see who our true enemies are and what our real obstacles are and see no matter what side we originated from, we are more alike then different?

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