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A Journey into the Mirror Part 3

Some people may think you are straightforward

and call you a wonderful person

But the person in the glass says you're a disappointment

if you can't look them straight in the eye


Talk is cheap. You can talk all you want to others about who you are as a person, what you believe in and the things you are going to do, to improve your life, financial standings and knowledge. Others will most likely take you at face value, but not know the absolute truth about yourself.

So are you lying to yourself, when you tell others certain things, but in your personal life you do not actually follow through, or didn't mean what you said? If that is the case, you can bet, that when you look at the mirror, the reflection of your inner self will not be happy with you and will be greatly disappointed. But it's not going to be disappointed at the others for believing you or supporting you. It's focus is on you.

Remember actions speak louder! If you are telling others you're going to start your own business, or join a movement to support a cause dear to your heart, or whatever it is that will make your life better, then "Do It"! Because that is what you want, that is what your inner self wants as well. Have a reflection of yourself that is proud to look back at you and smile, not one of disappointment and internal pain.

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