Flow Chart

Action Plans

The steps we are going to take to accomplish our missions.



  1. Upon receiving generous donations begin working with Student Loan Providers to pay off student loans

  2. 96% of all earned revenue through future apparel sales and other streams will be used to pay off student loans.

  3. Work with the student loan providers to lessen the total amount owed on accounts.

  4. Work with other companies and philanthropists to aid in achieving the end goal of paying off the total $1.6 trillion in student loan debt.



  1. With Mission One in full force, FOUR will look at current small businesses and startups being created to provide better business tactics and advice to assist in successful growth.

  2. As revenue increases, FOUR will take some to become an Angel Investor for startups and small businesses that show great promise and abilities to have positive impacts in our society.

  3. From the Angel Investment actions, all future return on investments will be put toward current missions and future missions.



  1. With Critical Mission One being accomplished and Mission Two resolutions are being implemented, there will need to be an increase in affordable housing.

  2. FOUR will begin looking into areas that need affordable housing the most and begin preparations to bring in such housing opportunities.

  3. When ideal locations are available and chosen, FOUR will begin construction on new housing if needed or updating the current location to meet the highest standards.

  4. When the projects are completed, FOUR will rent out the locations with options for rent to own, while keeping the costs lower then average to assist the occupants in building a better financial future for themselves.