Our Missions

Missions we have and some steps to accomplish them

Flow Chart


Get richer Together

  1. Here at FOUR we believe in the "Domino Effect".

  2. Through apparel sales, profits go to increase our abilities to improve countless lives, be it app development, Angel investing and Housing ideas.

  3. Each design is meant to create conversations amongst customers and viewers. Which we believe will benefit the wearer if they have a business or side hustle. 

  4. The biggest disruption to the status quo will be our apps, to help untold numbers get richer in their lives.


App Development

  1. Currently there are three apps being developed by FOUR.

  2. Two apps currently in development that are planned for release at the end of 2021, or start of 2022 . 

  3. The two soon to be released apps cater to tutoring and life skills, while potentially helping all that take part to become richer, through increased revenue and knowledge.

  4. The third app is in the middle of networking with 3rd party companies that it needs connections with to ensure a better and prosperous future regarding the student loan debt that millions of Americans hold.


Entrepreneurship &
SMall Businesses

  1. FOUR will advocate for Entrepreneurships and Small Businesses on the site's "Spotlight Section".

  2. Once vetted and placed in the "Spotlight Section", we will assist in a Social Media shoutout.

  3. Profits from Specialized Apparel and apps by FOUR, will be used to assist other small businesses (Angel Investing), get them professional help to improve their business and many other positive actions.

  4. FOUR is working toward creating a Small Business community where we all unite with one another.


Quality Housing

  1. FOUR sees there is a lack of quality and affordable housing in the United States, both first time home buyers and rentals.

  2. With this last mission, FOUR's goal is to help create or invest in the construction of quality affordable housing for countless people in our nation.

  3. With this future goal, it will allow people to afford a roof over their heads while not going broke financially. In hopes that it will allow them to build a better financial future for themselves and their family.

  4. This project will also help Small Businesses that are contracted for this project and create untold number of good paying jobs.