Frequently asked questions

What makes For Our United Republic different from other companies?

Four is different in numerous ways. We despise the “Friedman Doctrine” that most companies today live and breathe. We believe a company can earn huge profits, yet like FOUR run on smaller profits while majority of the profits go to making communities better, improving employee salaries, benefits and lives. Would we rather see $1 billion in profits tomorrow by selling out or mistreating everyone and everything, or $10 billion five years from now by doing all the right things? We know the answer is simple! The $10 billion over 5 years and throughout those 5 years, improving communities, assist in "We Can All Get Richer Together", energize small businesses. We are a long term company, not a “What can we make tomorrow” company.

What is a B-Corporation?

A B-Corporation is a business that uses its profits to create great paying jobs, with great benefits while making the community better. We believe the company that certifies companies wanting this status can explain it in more detail, B LAB.

How is FOUR going to help everyone get richer together?

FOUR is going to release 2 apps in the year 2021 that will create supplemental income for Life Skill coaches and for Teachers from Primary Education. From the profits FOUR makes from these two apps, we will be finishing an app that will assist 40 million Americans that have Student Loans that equal $1.6 trillion.

From the profits of the apps, apparel, and books, FOUR will be able to assist in the growth of small businesses through consulting and networking, all the way up to angel investing.
FOUR will also make moves to help create quality and affordable housing options for Americans so that they don't spend all their expendable income on keeping a roof over their head. This will allow them to save more money, invest and create a better financial future for themselves and their families.