Image by Wiktor Karkocha

Critical Mission Three: Affordable Housing

Similar to Mission Two, Critical Mission Three also has strong ties to the first Critical Mission.  Another big issue within the United States, is affordable housing.  We are seeing a trend that is the opposite of what it should be.  First off in countless areas across the United States the price to own a home is mind boggling.  The median list price per square foot in the United States is $157. The median price of homes currently listed in the United States is $294,000 while the median price of homes that sold is $234,400. The median rent price in the United States is $1,750. This is just to own a home, but what we’re seeing is that rent as well is becoming too high. With the weight of what seems to be never ending student loan debt, our fellow Americans cannot afford to purchase a home in which they could start a family one day, or they could have potentially fallen behind on payments for the loans at one point and now their credit history is impacted enough to prevent them from getting approved for a mortgage.

The only alternative that there used to be was apartments and rents, that used to stay below the average cost to own a home, so that it would be an incentive to rent and not own.  However since it has become even more difficult to obtain a mortgage, the ones that provide rentals, know this and know unless you want to live on the streets you’re going to pay no matter what.  So they are keeping rental prices at or in some cases above the local average mortgage rates.

For example FOUR is located in Northern Virginia where the average rent cost in Fairfax is $1,931 a month.  The real median income in the United States is $62,372.  After the 26.75% income tax both federal and state, that leaves a person with $45,687 or $3,807 per month.  After close to $2,000 rent payment you’re left with $1,807 left in the month.  This doesn’t include car costs, car insurance, food and other bills.  You’re looking at the median average person not having very much left each month to save or more importantly invest.

For Our United Republic is going to invest in purchasing land and building affordable housing, from smaller homes, townhomes and smaller close knit apartment complexes.  How will be able to do this?  From the 4% that is collected and investments, we’ll be able to purchase land and build affordable housing, not just where we’re located but across the United States.  For example, a parcel of land located in one of the most expensive places to live in Northern Virginia, Great Falls that costs $650,000.  We are also going to use materials to build these new apartments and homes out of shipping containers.  Prototypes are below to show what will be constructed.  For 8 apartments the total cost will estimate $600,000, not including bringing sewage, electrical and other needs, bringing the total to an estimated $1,500,000.  This may seem like a big bill, but it’ll all make sense. If we take the $1.5 million and divided by 180 or 15 years, the cost per year will be around $8,300 per month.  With 8 apartments at $1,000 per month, close to $1,000 less than the average rent in the area. 

This will provide nice affordable housing to fellow Americans.  This would just be the start.  With increasing revenue not just from the wonderful donations but with other actions FOUR will be taking (please take a look at 'Coming Soon' to see what we're working on), more apartments and homes will be constructed, and keeping them below the average costs. This will be done across the United States.  This allows our fellow Americans to direct more money into their dreams, savings and investments.

When this project is in full force, we are looking to provide thousands of affordable housing options to thousands of Americans.​ However Critical Mission Three can only start once we are able to start missions one and two.  The available revenue through donations and our other initiatives FOUR will be engaging in, will enable us to provide these opportunities to millions of Americans and make our country and society better.  Bring in a new era of unity and prosperity that is created by the people and not elected officials that seem to lack the ability to run our government and do what is right for us!