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Critical Mission One:  Student Loan Debt


Deep inside everyone one of us, we have thought about this horrible situation that is plaguing millions of Americans, and that could even possibly be ourselves.  Currently there are 44 million Americans being crushed by $1.619 trillion dollars of student loan debt.  It is highly unlikely that no one has not seen or heard of all the ‘What ifs” going on in the federal government on how to resolve this issue.  We here at FOUR unfortunately feel like that the few that are promising to wipe away the debt using tax payer money will not be able to do that due to so many reasons and obstacles, and others not wanting to do anything about it, is only going to make this situation worse.​

Initial Plan

From current numbers, there are an estimated 131.5 million working Americans.  If all 131.5 million were to donate just a one-time $10 dollar gift, FOUR would be able to apply $1,262,400,000 to student loans.  However that is if we lived in a perfect world.  Our best numbers would be around 90 million Americans could help with providing FOUR with assistance.  At the same $10, this would put the estimated total going to student loans around $864 million dollars.  That’s nothing to be disappointed in.  The average personal student loan debt is $37,172.  This means FOUR will free about 23 thousand Americans of their student debt.

With your assistance, by FOUR freeing about to 23 thousand Americans of their student loan debt with our fellow American’s assistance that is 23 thousand that can join our cause. Again that is just a one-time assistance donation of $10 dollars. Imagine monthly $10 dollar assistance donations! That is less than buying four coffees at Starbucks.  At the same numbers used above, with twelve $10 dollar donations, which comes out to $10,368,000,000! That’s $10.368 billion, which would assist in paying off close to 280,000 American’s student loans!  This would be a great start to the mission but we are not demanding or requesting set amounts in regards to donations.  We appreciate any amount you could provide, and so will countless of your fellow Americans.​

We are going to accomplish this, by working with the student loan lenders like Navient and others to pay off loans on the behalf of the borrower and once the transaction is verified, the debt is cleared and finalized, the lenders will be provided a template from FOUR that will be mailed or emailed to the borrower advising that their student loans have been fully paid off and it was all due to their “Fellow Americans”, their family, their neighbors, their friends, and their coworkers.  All that we ask in return is that you check out FOUR and hopefully pay it forward and join all of us in getting this mission 100% complete.​

Further Plan

The above is what FOUR wants to accomplish in the first year. However the main question is how we are going continue knocking out student loan debt more effectively. FOUR will build a rapport with the loan providers.  FOUR will not have access to personal identifiable information of the student borrowers just the loan amounts, nor will FOUR ever ask the providers for this information.  With our hired professionals with backgrounds in student loans we will not just take the total dollar amount as is.  We will negotiate our best to reach better payoff amounts.  For example if a student has a $2,500 dollar loan, we will do our best to convince the loan provider to accept a $2,000 dollar payoff.  This saves $500 dollars and allows that to be added back to the funds for other loans to be paid off, with the hopes of being able to pay off more than the estimated total number of student loans from the numbers mentioned above.


We will also work with the loan providers to obtain information about debt collectors that the loans may have been sold off to for particular accounts and work on paying those off as well and work in conjunction with groups like Rolling Jubilee to target these certain type of loans. However the main action is for the loans that are still in good standing and not defaulted yet.  We feel confident that having the ability to pay of large amounts of student loans, that the loan providers will be more willing to work with us in lowering the total amount owned.  This is because they are getting their money that in a lot of cases, probably would have never gotten back.​

With the gifts provided by our fellow Americans and the evidence of paying off numerous loans, our expert professionals in the marketing and proposal teams will reach out and work with companies to join the cause.  This is an important addition to achieving the mission.  It is estimated that by the end of 2019 the corporate world in the United States will have close to $2 trillion in profits.  That is profit not just revenue.  In a perfect world that would pay off all of the student debt in one efficient action.  But this is not viable, because companies need profits to expand, expansion means more employment opportunities, more research and development and we hope social responsibility. 


We will provide all the evidence to companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and all companies we can meet with to join the cause.  With as many companies we can convince to join this cause, could bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to pay off the national student debt. However companies will not join unless they see a movement before them and we have to create our own movement, to show them we are united and fixing our own issues. Every company that donates will be acknowledged on our website so that all of you can see who is joining us. We will not just target other companies, but charity organizations as well.  To team up with non-profits we can talk to all kind of philanthropists that can join the cause and assist us with their connections to influence change through policies to ensure this never happens again.  We will also be engaging with organizations of higher learning. Universities and colleges should know better than anyone about the issue of the student debt.  They see that the horrible situation has caused countless people to not seek higher education or finish their education.  This means institutions of higher learning are not enrolling students to better themselves.

FOUR also understands that paying off the loans doesn’t fix the whole problem.  Even when we are able to pay every loan off that was logged before January 2021 there will be new loans created, and the issue starts all over again.  With the 4% of the total revenue provided by our fellow Americans in the beginning, we will be using a portion of the funds to not only expand the professionals working at FOUR, creating business partners to help in our mission, but we will also use the funds to pressure our governments to fix the issue.  With millions of Americans assisting FOUR we will have petitions hopefully with the same millions of Americans demanding our governments to lower the cost of higher education, and to implement a hard line interest rate of no more than 2.5% on all new student loans, with no interest occurring while the student is in school and once out of school a one year amnesty period of no interest.  This will make the monthly payments much more affordable, and keep them that way in case they are not able to pay the total amount of loans off before the one year amnesty ends.  These petitions will be posted on FOUR’s company website and advertised through our mailing list as well.

This is a big mission, but we ask you to look at it this way.  We as a nation are as strong as our weakest link.  We can do this together and by doing so, stops any chance of the governments implementing any type of new tax on all of us to pay the loans off.  Because we all know, once a tax is created and implemented on us, it will never go away.  They’ll find a reason even if there are no more student loans to pay off, to keep taking that money from us.  So instead we help each other become better and succeed, because the statistics do not lie.  They state, due to the crushing student loan debt, it is hurting our nation, our economy in countless ways.  Our fellow Americans, buried in student loan debt are not able to create businesses, create startups that could become the next Google or next invention to better the world, because they just can’t afford to take that risk. They cannot buy their first home, they cannot start families and live their lives to the fullest. Let us unite in this noble cause and not just better each other but better our nation, make it stronger, so that countless of us can chase the American Dream!

More on this in our Supporting Information section.

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