Who We Are at FOUR.


Tom Henderson



Tom Henderson is the owner of For Our United Republic. Before creating FOUR in August 2019, Tom was and still is a Senior Software Analyst at a higher education software company. He has had numerous years of experience dealing with financial and recruiting software applications. With his experience, Tom has witnessed the high costs of higher education and waste of taxpayer money by the government.


Through his experiences in businesses, government, and personal life, he decided to create a company the likes we do not often see or at all— Tom wants to FOUR to spur a movement that calls for establishing a moral capitalist system and moral wealth. Tom felt we all could do better and truly help one another. 

As the owner of FOUR, he is currently responsible for all of the company's growth, activism, apparel designs, and sales, along with daily operations and networking.  Tom is also heading the development of FOUR's student loan payback app.