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Solving Critical Issues, While Building A United Movement

Who We Are and What We Do

Solving Issues Together

Four Our United Republic is a registered LLC in Virginia. Our inspiration was founded due to a few inspirational observations.  We saw the issues affecting millions of Americans today, like Student Loan Debt and groups like Rolling Jubilee attempting to assist people the best they can and felt like we as a company can join in on that endeavor and assist even more Americans. We started looking into how we can help tackle these type of issues and create a sense of unity within our nation.  Our nation is very divided today, but we truly believe no matter your views, your sexual orientation, your political standing that deep down when given a chance we can come together as a nation, dropping all our differences.  

Our Missions

Student Loan
Entrepreneurship & Employment
Affordable Housing

Student Loan App Coming Soon!

FOUR is currently developing an app that will change how student loans are paid off. The end-users are going to be able to have multiple avenues and/or streams that will be used toward their individual student loans. Friends and family will be able to associate their accounts to be directed to a particular individual’s loans or to a general pool.

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For Our United Republic is a registered LLC in Virginia that will become a certified B-Corporation. The reason why FOUR is aiming to be a...