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Solving Issues Together

Four Our United Republic is a registered LLC in Virginia. Our inspiration was founded due to a few inspirational observations.  We saw the issues affecting millions of Americans today, like Student Loan Debt and groups like Rolling Jubilee attempting to assist people the best they can and felt like we as a company can join in on that endeavor and assist even more Americans. We started looking into how we can help tackle these type of issues and create a sense of unity within our nation.  Our nation is very divided today, but we truly believe no matter your views, your sexual orientation, your political standing that deep down when given a chance we can come together as a nation, dropping all our differences.  Our nation has done it numerous times in the past.  1776, our nation was spilt but in the end came together regardless of differences and won our independence. In 1861 the majority of the nation rose and won the Civil War to be on the right side of history. 1917 we entered World War I to stop tyranny and did it again in 1941.  Majority of the nation came together in 1920 to get the 19th Amendment passed into law giving women the right to vote and we did something similar in 1964 with the Civil Rights Act. There were millions of people involved and all had differences but they knew it was time to put those aside and do what is right. We become increasingly encouraged by wonderful and some curious ‘Go Fund Me’ campaigns.  Some by individuals or groups asking for donations for, Legal defense funds, Funds for Humboldt Broncos, Stoneman Douglas Victims' Fund and March for our lives and to build a wall  People poured in money for these causes that they felt they needed to support.  We here at FOUR want to instead of building a wall, we want to take a wrecking ball to the “Wall of Student Loan Debt”, we want to defend our fellow Americans by assisting in paying off their student loan debt and in the grand scheme of things, improve our nation in general.

Another inspiration is seeing the total number of B Corporations growing, bringing change to how a company should run and how large of a positive impact they could have not just with their employees, customers but in the community as well.  FOUR has plans to transform into a certified B Corporation as soon as possible. This inspiration became even stronger as we have seen millions of Americans losing or have lost their faith in a capitalist system and we understand why this is the cause.  Yet we want to show them that capitalism is the best system to have, a system that can bring countless people out of poverty and cultivate a great community as long as it has a warm heat, good morals and a positive business soul.  With the assistance of our fellow Americans, joining together to begin the mission of paying off student loans, we can restore faith in our capitalist system. 

Some may feel uneasy or unsure about assisting an LLC because an LLC is supposed to be all about profits.  Yes FOUR will be all about maximizing profits, however 96% of proceeds will go to the missions. Our promise is that only 4% of Revenue/Profits will go directly into the company.  The 4% is to pay employees, hire qualified professionals that will be needed to increase the success ability for every mission we need to tackle, provide good benefits and investments the business will make. The investments FOUR will make are to create greater revenue/profits for the company outside of the wonderful assistance provided by our fellow Americans, so that more can be applied to resolving the issues.  For more information on the missions we are working to accomplish, please take a look at the critical mission sections. We also recommend checking out our FAQ to get a better idea of FOUR and build comfort with us, so that you will join the movement we are going to create!

Please take a look at our blog and join in on the discussions regarding issues we are working toward to resolve, the ideas we are sharing, and enlightened conversations to share information, thoughts and our ideas! 


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