Welcome to FOUR


We Can All Become Richer Together by; Solving Critical Issues, While Building A United Movement, From a Company that is For the People and By The People.

Do you feel like the financial world is unfair and you stress about your financial stability?

Don't make enough?

Want to start your own business, but don't know how?

Do you feel the cost of living is too high?

Are you not financially literate? 

Our Motto Here At FOUR Is, "We Can All Get Richer Together!"

As you grew up, society told you, go to school, do your homework, get good grades and get into a college. Because that will help find a good job and you can live a successful life. So you went to school and did the best you could, maybe got into college, but once done and forced into the real world, you were lacking job opportunities, lacking knowledge on how to really be financially free and independent. You most likely still feel this way today.


FOUR is about to change the game, flip the table on the failed system and help you become a better person. Being that better person would mean;


  • Making good money on the side while you have a job.

  • Turing that side hustle into a full time hustle that you own.

  • Potentially having FOUR as an Angel Investor, Mentor, or Partner that just wants to see you and your company SUCCEED!

  • Getting free of Student loan debt.

  • It could mean becoming financially literate and allowing yourself to be financially free.

  • Being able to live in quality and affordable housing be it rental or owning.

  • FOUR is not only going to help your pocketbook, but make your soul feel good too! 

Our Missions

Get Richer Together
Entrepreneurship & Employment
Affordable Housing

Are you a professional or a teacher that knows their craft but doesn't make enough?

Want to be able to share your knowledge and make money by doing so?

Are you someone just looking to learn life skills?

Are you in primary education looking to get tutored by some of the best teachers around the country?


FOUR is currently developing apps that will change the lives of countless people in our nation and possibly around the world. These apps will help teachers and knowledge experts across our nation earn extra income on the side to help improve their lives and the lives of their students. 


These apps will provide life skills like;

  • Basic financial literacy

  • Tax knowledge

  • Investments 101

  • Starting a Small Business 101

  • Resume creation

  • And many other life skills not taught in school.


And the final Mother of All Apps, will help millions with Student Loan Debt.